Find Your Fun

Welcome to Cheryl’s scavenger hunt. Thank you for your interest.

Cheryl loves puzzles and this is a city wide scavenger hunt with clues found in memorial donor bricks, plaques, and benches.  Each location has some significance to her and this is a great way to donate money back to those organizations.

Congratulations, you have found the first location!

We can tell you that the hunt consists of 8 locations around Columbus, Ohio

The objective is to use a word in the quote to solve a ninth, final quote that is significant to Cheryl.  There is only one word at each location and it is in the quote. Once you have all eight words, assemble the final quote.  You may submit the quote and if you are one of the first to solve it, you will receive a prize. (See below for submittal guide)

Each location will tell you three things.

1. Confirmation that the memorial is part of the scavenger hunt will be Cheryl’s name or a variation… CA Martin, C.A. Martin, Cheryl Martin.

2. The quote is a clue to the next location.

3. The first number will tell you which word in the quote to use.

Need another hint for the location?  

The locations should be easy to identify, however, most have a lot of places that the memorial could be placed.  If you need a more specific hint, type in this url with a forward slash and the sixth word of the quote as the extension.

For example, one of the quotes may look like this

Find the main place to read good things. 47 CA MARTIN

You probably want to go to the Main Library.  If needed, you could type in for more information.

Solved the quote?  use the above format.  The extension you will use is the final quote without spaces or punctuation.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as Cheryl did.

Thank you!